New Year, New Me, New Blog

Is it too much of a cliche to start the new year with a new blog? I think so, but if not now then it could be never. This is my spontaneous and hopefully successful new interest, sharing all my discoveries and adoration within the creative world. As both a music and photography student, this is likely to consist of my music passions and favorite aspects of photography, but hopefully some style and fashion elements also. I think at this point I would be foolish to limit myself, lets just see where it goes!

A little more about me…

If i had to choose one love in life, it is witnessing the genius’s of our generation driving their passions through music. More commonly put, gigs and festivals…that’s about it. Hopefully I will have some gig reviews up this year, with 4 concerts already lined up before march and 2 festivals just waiting to be written all about and photographed from all angles. I also hope to write about the fashions of today and tomorrow from the angle of celebrity style and my favorite icons from Kate Moss to Serge (Kasabian legend).

This is so difficult with the pressure of it being my first ever post!! So i think I will just leave it at that brief and slightly bizarre description of myself. My loves and loathes should become obvious through my posts, and if you are reading this — I hope you enjoy.



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