The sound of 2016



Its that time of year again at which point we receive BBC Radio 1’s Sound of 2016 list – and this year has been no disappointment. Last year brought us the introduction of huge 2015 artists including James Bay and Years and Years, who each went on to achieve huge successes from Brit Awards to big festival appearances. There is no doubt that Radio One know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to the next big thing.. and they have the reputation to prove it! And so naturally, the excitement of this years listing was almost too much!


Its early days and we have only had a short amount of time to get to know our new additions to the mainstream music scene, but I thought it only absolutely necessary to at least share my initial thoughts and favorites.

  1. BLOSSOMS – Upcoming indie band from Stockport have recieved high praise from music critics in recent weeks and in turn have had a fair increase in radio play through radio one. The fan base is growing with the release of their current single ‘At Most A Kiss’ their popularity is on the increase! This band are definitely one to watch, the album is out this year and no doubt they will be storming the UK festivals.
  2. BILLIE MARTEN – As a big fan of indie/folk/acoustic music, this artist is truly exciting. Marten is the female embodiment of the genius that is Ben Howard with effortless guitar technique and beautiful lyrics this angel couldnt be more heavenly! Model material and the voice to make your heart melt, Billie Marten is already an inspiration to singer-songwriters like myself.

The sound of 2016 is full to bursting with exciting and awe-inspiring artists, but these are my first look loves. Check out the full list on the Radio One website to find your own favorites before the tour tickets sell out (and because ofcourse you want to be the first one to know about them).

Thanks for reading! –Ruby x


p.s.     Further Blossoms post to come VERY soon


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