Upcoming dates and tours

One of my favourite things to do when entering the new year is to start booking in the gigs and bands I want to see first. Winter is the season which we need to focus on booking as much as we can to keep us going until festival time of year. Its cold and if you live anywhere like my home city, its raining and ridiculously windy. The only positive therefore is the release of tour dates of which we must all take advantage.

Heres a short list of the artists I am currently booked to see between now and the end of March. I will leave links at the end for their websites, if they sound like something you’d be interested in. In a nutshell, if youre into indie bands like Catfish, Arctic Monkeys and Circa Waves, this is likely to be uup your street…


—-The 1975—-

Okay so maybe its an obvious choice, but I had to include them anyway! I am SO excited for this band to begin yet another UK tour very soon with the return of new music and a new album on the way! They have teased us with a handful of songs – Love Me, Ugh! and The Sound, each sounding totally unique and exciting. The theme has gone PINK and I couldnt adore the change more. This is all very overwhelming, but I cannot deny that the thought of lovely Matt Healy swishing his lovely locks on a stage was enough to convince me…I had to go.     ( http://the1975.com/ )


—-Nothing But Thieves—-

Nothing But Thieves are finally starting to recieve the recognition they deserve, with their radio play on a swift increase with support from Nick Grimshaw, Huw Stephens and more influential DJs. Their debut album went straight into the top 10 and is undoubtedly a work of absolute genius. Singles incluuding ‘Itch’ and ‘Wake Up Call’ are just tastes of what this band are capable of. After seeing them on tour last year, shortly after the release of the album, I was inspired and excited for everything to come from the four-piece. And on top of all this, the group are genuinely loevly people. After the show, lead singer Conor Mason signed CDs, took photographs and took the time to converse nd get to know the fans – which cannot be said for the majority of diva stars today. Looking forward to this years tour would be an understatement.   ( http://www.nbthieves.com/ )



Now, I wont go into too much of a ramble about this band as I have already dedicated  a whole post to them. However, I couldnt leave them out and they are truly a band to keep all eyes and ears out for. I can see them as the next Catfish. I said it. I feel like that may be a lot of pressure for them to fulfill this, but trust me, theyre going places. They will make a perfect Easter Good Friday experience.    ( http://www.blossomsband.co.uk/ )


—-Wolf Alice—-

Admittedly, this wasnt a gig that I actually booked for myself! My best friend is a huge fan of this rock/indie group and I was desperate to attend for the simple fact that I cannot get enough of the female front woman position. As a big HAIM fan, I love a girl with a guitar owning a stage and doing women everywhere proud. The buzz around Wolf Alice has been absolutely huge and rightly so! They are completely different to anything else in the industry and I cant wait to see what they bring to a live performance.   ( http://wolfalice.co.uk/ )


So theres just a quick summary of the bands Im looking forward to seeing this year, let me know what you have booked in the diary!

— Ruby xo


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