The Album is on its way but what can we expect? Here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming music…


Following their self-titled debut album,, the 1975 are three years froward in their career and preparing for the release of the much anticipated ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’ ready for release on FEBRUARY 26th. So far, we have been rewarded for our long wait with three INCREDIBLE tracks – Love Me, Ugh! and The Sound. Already, it is clear that The 1975 are moving in a new direction with this album, incorporating some funk and pop influences. The band admit they are a ‘pop’ band in many ways and do not see this as a bad thing, there is a reason that pop music is ‘popular’. In an interview with DJ, Annie Mac, lead singer Matt Healy said, “There’s a lot lacking in pop music these days. It’s such an amazing lexicon and vocabulary of sounds… and there’s just not enough good bands, man, and I’m sick of it. I’m just sick to death of it.” Is that the sound of Healy taking on a challenge?

“Our new record signifies the start of a new world for us, a more colourful world a less colourful world.”

With the new 17 track album, comes a new image for the band, embracing pink artwork and merchandise. In 2015, the band released a comic strip on their twitter page to suggest a potential break up, having the fans in hysterics! But calm down everyone, false alarm, this was simply a cruel (yet very exciting) way of releasing their new pink pink pink image. So, put down the vodka and out from the cave of tissues you have just created, it looks like the 1975 are as strong as ever.

The second album, for any band, is a huge deal. Not only is this the result of great success and adoration frm the debut, but it is the only chance to prove themselves musically. Many musicians fall at the face of the second album, but if the current releases are anything to go by – the 1975 have nothing to worry about.

And with new music…

With new music comes tours and gigs and seeing Healy’s lovely face all over again! Yes, thats right, you could be just feet away from them very soon. The band set off on the 2016 tour very soon, touring through the UK in March, performing multiple shows at each venue and still selling out! The response to this re-appearance has been incredible and with this, the announcement of festivals too! Ah its all too much!! The 1975 have been announced for huge festivals Reading and Leeds and T in the Park, taking place this summer. Grab tickets while you still can!


–Ruby xo

p.s. Installment plans for Reading and Leeds ends today! So if youre hoping to pay in manageable chunks (as I am currently taking advantage of) get your first payment down today! Ticket access is easiest through the Reading or Leeds Festival websites which will redirect you to Seetickets.


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