The Return of the Roses

2016 brings us the return of the iconic band – The Stone Roses


The stone roses have been huge since their debut album was released in 1989 and took the UK by storm. Everyone wanted to know all about the band, and everyone watched in anticipation, the overwhelming and continuous growth of their popularity, as they became one of the biggest and most iconic bands in British history. The band had success with hit songs including ‘She Bangs The Drums’, ‘Waterfall’, ‘I am the resurrection’, ‘Sally Cinnamon’ and the list goes on and on! Their hometown of Manchester couldn’t be more glowing with pride as the roses took over the music industry during their active years from 1983 until ’96. The band have been reformed since 2011, but only now are we starting to see them firing back up…

After watching the incredible film ‘Spike Island’ starring personal heartthrob Nico Mirallegro, I was as inspired and excited by The Stone Roses as my mum had been when attending the great Spike Island gig herself. The film beautifully depicts the enhancement of teenage lives which the Roses had upon Manchester and the rest of the country, so from then on I was hooked. Spotify became, even more so, my best friend and totally prepared me for the upcoming summer. The Stone Roses announced FOUR huge gigs in Manchester, alongside the announcement of headline act at T in the Park 2016 – great success for both the band and the festival. This in itself parked up rumours of the band headlining the mother festival -Glastonbury- after cancelling their slot in 1995, they owe us.


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