You are you, Lily is Lily and feminism is for us all

I understand that for many of you, this post will seem unfitting within my blog, as Lily Allen is not commonly grouped with the genre i focus my writing on. However, Lily Allen is one of the most inspirational women in the media, and for girls and women everywhere i write this post, as great appreciation for what she does for every one of us. To an extent, I never really believed that gender inequality was a topic that particularly applied to myself, as I hadn’t felt personally affected by it. But Lily has helped me to realise what life would truly be like in a gender equal existence – and you should feel it too.

Allen has had undoubted success in music, producing huge hits including ‘The Fear’ and ‘Littlest Things’ up until her most recent album brought us perfected songs such as ‘Air Balloon’ and ‘As Long As I Got You’. Lily returned to her home festival of Glastonbury in 2014 taking he place on the pyramid stage to perform her new album after a five year break. Lily explained how important this performance was to her, as her five year anniversary with her husband, Sam, and returning after the birth of two beautiful baby girls. It was clear that Lily Allen had seen a drastic change in he lifestyle since he last Glastonbury appearance in 2009 as presented in her lyrics ‘I had that awful feeling, that I needed help. My life had lost its meaning, but you saved me from myself.’ referring to her husband’s complete turnaround of her life.

What I really want to talk about, however, is the new album and its undoubtable support for feminism. Through this compilation of ingeniously composed tracks, Allen combined the catchy, sunshine vibes of a popular ‘pop’ album whilst conveying very serious and important messages about women in the music industry and generally in the world. The song ‘Hard out here’ shows a fight back against the gender expectations for women ‘in the kitchen’. Lily shows how the glass ceiling above women traps us in a state of allowing unfair treatment, and Lily encourages us to realise that ‘its hard out here for a bitch’. Allen details the truths behind how women are seen in our culture, as objectified and stereotyped objects for male acceptance. This track along with other songs and lyrics on the album highlights why we should stand up for female rights and not allow the treatment that women in the music industry receive. Allen has been known to be on the receiving end of cruel and untrue rumours or insults, which I avoid reading at all costs. Lily teaches women everywhere not to take this shit, you’re not a slut if you talk about your sex life in music, you are good looking even if you’re not a size six, you can be anything you want to be. She is a total inspiration and the ideal role model for young women.


The idea that women in the industry should be idealised to young girls and women is true, depending on the role model you set for yourself. Most girls aim to be Taylor Swift or look just like Ariana Grande, but in reality they are not the way any young woman should aim to be. These women adhere to all the ideals set out for them to follow, to pleas the industry and to please the dominating people in the modern day. Lily Allen is who she wants to be, she isn’t the skinniest, and she doesn’t sing about break ups and her poor broken heart. She is a real human woman and she shows us how we can be ourselves. I do not want to be Lily Allen, I do not want to make the same music as her or dress exactly like her, because this is not what she shows us. Lily encourages women, even if she does not realise how much so she does this, to embrace their own individuality and not change for shit. We don’t let anyone tell us what to do, you are you, and I am me, Lily is Lily and women are not what we are dictated to be.

Ladies, if you do nothing else today, listen to this song and understand why feminism is so important for you today and every day for the rest of your lives.

Thank you for everything you have taught me Lily


—-Ruby xo


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