WOLF ALICE – Gig Review

Sorry, its been two weeks since I last posted and I can only apologise to those of you who have been keeping up with the blog for the wait. I am trying to post weekly but sometimes I simply cannot fit it into my week, so I am sorry, but here’s to trying harder, I promise.

Anyway, today’s post is the first gig review on my blog, which I plan to do many more of as I line up my dates in the year. So, only a few days ago I went with my best friend to one of the most inspiring gigs of my life. Wolf Alice are a confusing band to put into a genre or style, as they incorporate such a wide spectrum of influences and sounds, but wow- they are the ideal live band to go and see.

My Review

As previously admitted on the blog, Wolf Alice were never my personal favourite band. Of course I liked their songs and obviously the beautiful female front woman, but it was really my best friend, Hannah, that got me into them. We bought these tickets what seems to be years ago (it wasn’t) and the anticipation was almost too much for Hannah as the Wolf Alice tour came closer and closer. Now, I love gigs and I would never turn down the opportunity to go and see pretty much anyone, but this really was one to remember.

The Support

Gigs and indoor events like this are the ideal place to discover new bands and artists you love, similar to whoever you are going to see. However, this isn’t always the case. When thinking of my experiences with support acts in the past I immediately look back to the time I saw Tom Odell in Manchester in maybe 2014(??). One support act was the now incredibly well respected James Bay, who of course even back then was wonderful. In contrast, the second act to take the stage was an artist called Friars who never took off in the same way as James has seemingly done. Friars played some bleak and dull songs from the comfort of his keyboard (anybody seen Ross Gellar play the keyboard??? something about it reminded me of that) with a glass of wine in hand –  very diva. As the gig went on, he insisted that the audience tweet in ‘how shit you think I am’… yeah… which we did..and he was..and I couldn’t stop cringing. So support acts can be truly terrible or they can be the future Brits Critics choice winner!

Moving on from that little rant, Wolf Alice had two genuinely good acts! I shall start with the band that came on second, Swim Deep. I have to admit I wasn’t overly impressed with their performance- I won’t be the next big fan- but the crowd LOVED it! My immediate impression of the band was definitely a good one due to their fashion sense alone. I don’t even know quite how to word it, without creating a very peculiar image in your head, but maybe that would be correct? I’d say google it, and be impressed, they’re pretty cool. The vibes weren’t really my style, but there was some hardcore fans in the crowd, I was almost convinced I was there to see them.

The first support act were the ones I really want to talk about. Bloody Knees. Bloody fucking incredible! As if their luscious long hair wasn’t enough to get me to like them, their set was truly outstanding. I’m tempted to say they are the best support act aI have ever seen. Being the first support act is difficult, it has to be said. No one is drunk enough to really scream and dance, the crowd hasn’t completely filled up yet, half the audience is at the bar or trying to find their friends and the chances are that most people haven’t even heard of you. There are two ways that a band can react to this and it arguably determines the rest of their career. One thing that cannot be denied by Catfish fans is that we love them, for many reason, largely because Van McCann is the nicest human being on the planet. And this is the exact impression I got Bloody Knees. They were so happy to be there, and we were so happy to have them! Their indie rock sound gripped me from the second they started, and kept tight hold up until the last riff. I can only see this band going up and up and everywhere and anywhere. Check them out on spotify, let me know what you think. Personally, I’m in love.


The Main Event

One of the biggest attractions of Wolf Alice, for me, was the gorgeous lead vocalist and guitarist, Ellie. As a female guitarist and singer myself, its easy to feel intimidated by the dominating success of male front men in successful bands. But Ellie reminded me that women are equally as incredible in stage, if not more so. Entering the stage in what I can only describe as a floor length vintage wedding gown, Ellie grasped the crowd’s attention from start to finish. The band were incredible and the entire audience was in it together the whole way. The mosh pits were intense, but the atmosphere was absolute adoration and love between us and Wolf Alice. They slotted in a few slower tracks to give us a well needed breather, but maintained a huge and exciting sound for the entire sound. My personal favourite, ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ had the crowd in absolute amazement as we danced until we couldn’t feel our limbs any longer. It was truly inspiring.


Before the gig, I was slightly concerned that I didn’t feel completely convinced by the album or any previous Wolf Alice material. I mean, I liked them but I wan’t really excited. My music teacher actually said to me ‘you’ll get it once you see them’. And it was completely the case. Now I realise, that Wolf Alice are just one of those bands that are meant to be seen and heard live. They aren’t real through your phone or on youtube, you’ve got to go and see them and wow it will be worth it. If you get the chance, take it.


I’d have to give Wold Alice 4.5/5 stars. Amazing, really.


Let me know if any of you have been to see them on their current tour, or ever before, or maybe if you/’re going! I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments, and what you thought of this post also. As always, thanks for reading!




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