The 1975 – Album and Gig Review

It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to post to the blog and I really have missed it! There’s something very therapeutic about sharing my love of music with you all and I’m very excited to get back into it…and hopefully be more consistent! So, my apologies for the delay, but here is the long awaited comeback review of the 1975.

Its been months now since the release of the 1975’s second album, ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’, yet I still cannot remember the album name without doubting myself. The singles from the album represent this work of art perfectly. We have had the up-beat jazzy Matt Healy personality coming through in singles, ‘Love Me’, ‘The Sound’ and ‘Ugh!’ but we also recieved the beautiful heartfelt lyrics in ‘A Change of Heart’ and ‘Somebody Else’. I dont even know where to begin with this review to be perfectly honest. I am obsessed and drowning in the lyrics every day since the release.

I bought this album just a few hours after the release, which is unlike me, as I usually give it atleast a few days of spotify streaming before i invest in a copy. But I simply couldnt wait for this one, and there was no disappointment. The album is a collection of tears and funky dance tunes, blended together to make an absolute diamond of a record. There simply is nothing like it. The second album is tricky, and they’ve really pulled it off.

A few weeks after the album release, I had tickets to see The 1975 at the Liverpool o2 academy – one of my favorite venues. This ofcourse was very exciting, but the friend I was going with kept panicking with ‘this isnt long enough to learn all the lyrics!’ and ‘what if i dont know the songs by then?’ Yet, when there, every single member of the super-fan crowd knew every single word of every single song, it was like nothing i had ever witnessed before. Healy and the rest of the band put on an incredible show, it was like they’d never been away. And ofcourse, Matty was looking gorgeous in a soft white blouse and skinny black jeans mmmm delicious. The stage set was incredible, with glowing frames highlighting the album art from both the first and secnd masterpiece and a city scape in bright stage lights across the back.

The 1975 are announced to be playing in the UK through festival season, including appearances at both Reading and Leeds and T in the Park (luckily for me, I have tickets for both!)

Thanks for reading — Ruby xo

p.s. I now have twitter and instagram accounts up and running with blog updates and general communication with readers, so please follow and get in touch with me! @rubyaliceblog on twitter and instagram.


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