Introducing…Sundara Karma

I use the word ‘introducing’ loosely. Sundara Karma have been working their way up for years, but its time we really took notice of the soon to be huge four-piece.


Last week I went to see one of the best bands in the industry at the moment, Nothing But Thieves, on their current ‘Under My Skin’ tour. As always, they did not fail to impress and caused me to lose my voice for the following seven days as a result! An incredible band ofcourse needs an incredible support act. We’ve been hearing a lot about Sundara Karma here and there, but I’d failed to dedicate enough time to really commit to them. I had no idea how obsessed I was about to become.

Sundara Karma, I believe, are one of those bands you cannot live your life without seeing live. A support slot isn’t easy breezy but somehow I felt like I was at a gig specifically to see them, and I would have gone home happy if so. The first thing to hit me was the astonishing beauty of frontman, Oscar Pollock. Dressed to impressed, with gorgeous blonde hair to his shoulders, Oscar gave a gripping and mesmorising performance – I could not take my eyes off him for the entire hour. Even if he just stood on the stage and exhibited his exciting fashion and trend-setting capabilities, I think I would have been sold. But ofcourse, that isn’t what we got, but a full set of really great music. Every band has the few real hits, that stand above all of the others, and they did, but there wasn’t a bad song on there. Which for a picky music fan is quite an achievement! Each track was different and exciting and I felt like I knew all the words even when I didnt have a clue! Truly incredible -thats all I can say. Each member of the four-piece band had a stage personality which really came through in the set, which I love more than anything at gigs. Sometimes I feel that bands put it all on the singer, and even though Oscar carries the show through, each of the guys had their own little dance move or cool expression to draw the audience in like being hypnotised.

Listening to their collections on spotify, I have become totally obsessed with these beautiful beings and just cannot stop listening. My three top track reccomendations have to be A Young Understanding, Flame and Hustle. So if you do nothing else today, go and give those three a listen and fall IN LOVE.

Another thing I am really loving about this band is their dedication to music as an art form. Recent devastations in the music industry, losing both Bowie and Prince in the space of a few months, I have personally been thinking a lot about who is going to carry on that artistic movement through music. Sundara Karma are using music videos and style to push artistic creativity and inspiring me personally in all of their creations. The videos on their youtube channel, which I will link at the end, are just incredible. And I dont think I want to say anymore, and therefore not ruin anything for you, just follow the links and thank me later.

So ofcourse, all I am thinking about now is when can I see them next! Sundara Karma are continuing tour through Europe from now until the end of the summer, and as soon as payday hits, I will absolutely be getting tickets. And I will be not so patiently waiting for an epic performance as they return to their hometown of Reading for Reading and Leeds Festival in August. I will be at Leeds for that one, and I am already organising everyone I am going with to understand that with no exceptions we WILL be seeing Sundara Karma’s set.


I am just so taken by this band and I cant wait to see whats to come. Their new single, A YOUNG UNDERSTANDING is available here and make sure to listen on spootify to their backlog of hit after hit. Enjoy!


—links to the MUST SEE videos–




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